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Work, Kuonji and Yuru Camp

I got picked up on Monday from Minobu Station by Damien, a french guy working at the ryokan. This is where the Minobu Manju shop that's featured in Yuru Camp is, and it had a lot of customers. There was also a few posters on the window of the souvenir shop. All the... Continue Reading →

The First Glimpse of Fuji

A Change of Plan So after talking to an experienced hiker in the area, I gathered enough information to decide not to do the hike over the mountain to get to Kofu. While it's definitely possible, my lack of equipment meant that the recent dump of snow and sub zero temperatures would make it quite... Continue Reading →

Kawagoe to Chichibu

The last night in Kawagoe The last night in Kawagoe was really fun. Alessio and I checked out a coffee shop north of town at the recommendation of Taiki. Apparently the voice actor of Akane from Tsuki ga Kirei (called koko-chan) goes there a couple of times a month, so loads of fans visit the... Continue Reading →

Meeting a friend

Picking up where I left off on the last post, the next day I met up with an old school friend in Shibuya. He happened to be studying Japanese in Tokyo and spotted on my instagram that I was in the area. We had a great meal in an izakaya (japanese pub), poked our heads... Continue Reading →

Day One in Japan

I arrived in Japan bright and early this morning at around 7AM, after having almost no sleep on the 12 hour flight. I faffed around at the airport a bit sorting out my SIM card, charging my PASMO, then set off to my hostel. I took the monorail instead of the normal train (because monorails... Continue Reading →

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