Playing Music

So I just DJ’d for about an hour and a half at a bar in town. I don’t really do it often, but the guy that was supposed to be on asked me to fill in for him for the first bit of the night.

I really enjoyed it. I played some housey stuff like DJ Boring, Chaos in the CBD, Soichi Terada, and a load of other not-very-well-known songs from some producer friends and small Soundcloud artists. It was amazing to see people enjoying the “alternative” music I was playing. A small crowd gathered in the venue and people started dancing in front of the bar. Nothing better than seeing people enjoying themselves to your music. It felt really odd when I put on what I thought was a super niche track and I’d hear some girl somewhere shout “oh my god I love this song!”

One person came up to me and tried to get me to play “something that we can sing along to” – typical. Saturday is house night, and I’m not taking any requests. She said, “you like this kind of music?”. I responded with “I love this kind of music.”

Hopefully I can get some more slots over the coming weeks 🙂

Something I played that reaaaally got people moving

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