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Tom’s free VST plugins that he likes to use

Hello there. I am a big user of free plugins because I am cheap, stingy and also kind of broke. Here is a list of the free plugins that I like to use, and links to where you can grab them. I will try and update this page as I find new stuff that I find myself using.

Analog Obsession Plugins

They have TONS of cool free plugins, compressors, distortions, eqs, reverbs, cabinet modellers, literally everything. There’s such a massive offering here it’s ridiculous. A lot of effort in the visuals here too. LCF and BESURENESS are a couple of my favs. Head over to their patreon to get them:

TAL Plugins

They have several free plugins available on their website, some of my favs being Bassline (a roland SH-101 synth) and Reverb-4 (nice and lush plate reverb). Shoutouts to U-NO (a roland juno synth) and Chorus LX (literally just the famous juno chorus). Get them here:

Spitfire LABS

Basically a MASSIVE free preset plugin of synth sounds, and surpringly natural sounding acoustic sounds too. I use the synth pads from here far too much, and the drum kit is awesome. The orchestral strings here sound super duper smooth and I also use a lot. LABS can be a bit of a pain to setup (and fix everytime it breaks) bit it’s so worth it. Get it here:

Softube Saturation Knob

Saturation knob can produce some really nice analog sounding distortion. There are some other really nice plugins from these guys that I use, but I think I got them in a giveaway because they’re like £80 right now. Either way, one of them is TSAR-1R reverb, and the other is Tube Delay. Keep an eye out and maybe you can find them for free again in the future. Get saturation knob here:

Audec Music Plugins

Audec have a lot free plugins, as well as “lite” versions of their paid plugins, which are simplified versions of their fully-featured counter parts. My favourite that I use quite a bit is Spread Delay Lite, which can make some really nice stereo rhythmic interest when applied to drums, and works great on other instruments too. I need to get round to downloading the other plugins and giving them a spin. Get them here:

Valhalla Plugins

The Supermassive and Freq Echo plugins can create some awesome sounding reverb and delay. Space modulator is pretty cool too. And they’re all free. Go grab them:


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