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Day One in Japan

I arrived in Japan bright and early this morning at around 7AM, after having almost no sleep on the 12 hour flight. I faffed around at the airport a bit sorting out my SIM card, charging my PASMO, then set off to my hostel.

I took the monorail instead of the normal train (because monorails are so much cooler) into central Tokyo, then took the Yamanote line to where I’m staying – Space Hostel.

I needed food, so I ditched my stuff at the hostel and went for a wonder. It was raining. Not hard enough to get soaked but enough to be annoying. I found the nearest 7 Eleven, where I had a bit of a “I made it” moment while consuming a cold coffee and a pork bun.

Wonder around ueno

Wonder around ueno

Then I headed towards Ueno and had a bit of an explore. Although I spent half the time infront of shops sheltering from the rain. Half of them wern’t even open because most open at around 10AM. I found this nerdy game/hobby shop that was open though and had a peek inside. I wanted to buy a Pokémon plushie so bad 😦

Wonder around ueno

Then I headed back to the hostel because the rain wasn’t easing and I needed a snooze.

After trying to sleep, I headed out to the same 7 eleven to grab some food at around midnight. It turned out to be a bit of a walk to Ueno park and back. Thankfully it wasn’t raining anymore.

On the way crossing over the railway I captured a shot of an empty train.

Late night walk to ueno park

On the way back my hands were freezing so I bought a hot milk tea from the nearest vending machine.

Late night walk to ueno park
Late night walk to ueno park

For some reason, flickr is refusing to upload pics from my Sony camera, so it’s phone photography for now.

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