Meeting a friend

Picking up where I left off on the last post, the next day I met up with an old school friend in Shibuya. He happened to be studying Japanese in Tokyo and spotted on my instagram that I was in the area. We had a great meal in an izakaya (japanese pub), poked our heads into Technique (a house and techno record shop) and chilled for a bit at OATH (a house and techno bar/club). From all the house/techno you can probably tell, yes those were as per my request.


The next day it was raining pretty bad, so I spent the day chilling at the hostel, planning for an anime pilgrimage I’m going to do in a few days. It’s a show called “Tsuki Ga Kirei”. Incredibly tedious watching through the show, taking screenshots of all the scenes, and labelling them all up according to location. I still have about 60 screenshots to sort through but hopefully I get it all done before I leave to Kawagoe.

I did head out a couple times though. The first to the nearest 7 Eleven for brunch (of course), where I picked up a couple onigiris and a surprisingly delicious “Strawberries, Custard & Whipped Cream” sandwich.


I headed out a second time in the evening to check out Asakusa temple since the rain had stopped. Unfortunately I was too late for the shops to be open. I took some audio recordings with my Zoom H1n though. There’s a nice one of a drunk dude screaming his lungs off while stumbling through the temple. For people that aren’t familiar with Japanese culture, it’s seen as being totally okay to be drunk in public! Although perhaps in this case it’s seen as a bit rude if you’re screaming like you’ve just lost a family member. I’ll probably upload all my records somewhere for anyone to download.


After walking through the shrine, I decided to keep on walking and check out Tokyo Skytree since it was so close. On the way I passed by the infamous golden turd foam. It’s supposedly supposed to look like foam rising from a mug of beer (because it’s the Tokyo Asahi building, but it didn’t turn out so well…


I snapped this shot from the bridge of the Skytree rising into the clouds. It’s ridiculously tall at 634m. I would go up but it’s too expensive, I’m on a tight budget so I’ve got to be consistently stingy. Besides, I’ve been up already two years ago on a student exchange trip.


A closer shot with the Asakusa line running beneath. I used to be a huge train nerd when I was younger, and while I’m not really mental about them anymore, sometimes it comes out again from time to time. Expect plenty of public transport photography.


The next day I headed out to my next hostel in Ginza. I ditched my stuff at the hostel and had a wonder around the local area. Walking to the Imperial Palace park, it was windy. Very windy. If this was Jersey we’d have been issued a strong gale weather warning. Maybe it was due to the positioning of the buildings or something. Anyway, I snapped this shot while heading towards the Imperial Palace. It was a great day.


Another one looking back towards Tokyo Station.


I was starting to get hungry, so I decided to grab lunch. I found a takoyaki place in Yaesu mall. I hadn’t eaten it since I last came to Japan, and it was deeeeelicious. For people that don’t know, it’s a sort of fried batter ball filled with octupus, ginger, and other delicious things.

When I finished eating, I had no idea what to do with my empty platter. There wasn’t a bin in the tiny shop in sight. I looked around, confused, holding my plate, and made eye contact with a salary man eating next to me. He seemed to know what I was thinking about but at the same time couldn’t be bothered to help me out. He gestured Towards a counter near the kitchen area. I stood up and waited there for about a minute or so. No one came. So to avoid further embarrassment to the two girls that were sat behind me, I just took my plate out with me and left. Since there are basically no bins in Tokyo at all, I ended up carrying it around with me for the next couple of hours. Yippee.

I squirted the mayo on myself

After eating, I met up with Alessio, my good Asian buddy, for a second time. He took me to this funky designer store with lots of clothes and strange gadgets and gizmos, and we took this beautiful mirror selfie on our way out.


After that we headed to Akihabara – The pop culture centre of Japan (aka weeb central). If you couldn’t tell, or was not aware, I’m into Anime, Manga, etc. Although I like to separate myself from the die hard weeaboos that do all sorts of cringey stuff. I just watch the shows xD


We went into a secondhand store where I may/may not have single handedly blown all of the money I set aside for buying stuff, on three art books.

After that, I took Alessio into AmiAmi, a shop I wanted to check out because one of my german die-hard weeb friends imports all his figures from there.


We also had a look inside the green building. For science.

The three books I bought
One of them turned out to be a signed copy. Jackpot!

And that brings me to where I am now. I’m typing this up in the cafe area of the hostel eating my breakfast from 7 Eleven (again) – An iced coffee, a melonpan, and a pizza bun (?).

So yeah, that concludes my trip so far. You might have noticed the horrid quality on the night shots. My camera is almost a decade old, and I’m thinking of buying a new one. The battery only lasts an hour before it dies. But I’m stingy and I need to save my money. I’m super on the fence. I can’t decide. Uuuugggghhhhhhhhh

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