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So I’m currently watching through Yuru Camp Season 2 now that it’s ended, and I’ve just finished episode 4. At the moment it’s living up to the first season, and possibly even more. There’s been a lesser focus on camping so far and more on everyday life in Yamanashi, which I’m absolutely loving.

There was a moment in episode 4 that was pretty special for me, when Nadeshiko is at Minobu station, making her way home late at night. The music suddenly cuts out and only the sound of the breeze and a passing train remains. It’s quiet, yet comforting.

I think the purpose of this was to emphasize what it means to travel alone. You appreciate the what you see and hear more, and it becomes more of a connection between you and your surroundings, with no-one else to spoil that connection.

Nadeshiko then remembers what Rin said to her in episode 3 –

“The outdoors is different when you’re alone. The things you see, the things you eat. And you get to spend time contemplating things. I think solo camping is a way to appreciate loneliness .”

I felt this for sure when I was hiking and exploring Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka last year. And I miss it.

I’ve booked some flights to Japan this Summer. I still have some Yuru Camp Season 1 spots left to visit, and now that Season 2 is out, all of those places as well. I’ve spoken to the kind people at Kakurinbo guest house, the ryokan I was working at last year while I was staying at Minobu, and they’re keen to have me back. They’ve opened a café in Kofu, and started their own craft beer brand! Hopefully covid clears up by then and I can go back. Fingers crossed.

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