Kawagoe: as Wholesome as Tsuki ga Kirei

Kawagoe Day 4

On day 3 it was pissing down with rain for the entire day. So I stayed inside for most of it and started writing up the majority of this post. I didn’t want to be walking about and get myself soaking wet. The day after was nice and sunny though so I spent it tying up some loose ends on some spots I missed.

First I headed just down the road from the guest house to a post office, where we see Kotarou posting his story to the publishing agency. At least that’s what we can infer from the scene, it’s not mentioned what he’s doing.


After that I took a turn to the right and headed east toward hon-kawagoe station for the two shots of Kotarou of when he goes to the publishing agency for a meeting.


Then I trekked all the way back to the pavillion next to the Shingashi River to get a shot of inside the pavilion, where I was obstructed by toddlers and an old man last time.


To the left of the previous shot is this picture of the stepping stones, which are at several places along the river.


After that went back to the guest house to wait for sunset for the final scene of the anime 🙂

It was about a 40 minute trek, and I timed it perfectly for sun down.


Unfortunately I couldn’t get a proper shot with the train, but I got one on my phone with me doing a funky pose.


The sunset turned out really nice about half an hour later.


And that concludes day 4. All I have left to do are the night shots at Hikawa shrine. The day after my friend Alessio joined me from Tokyo and we went round town with Taiki, a nice dude who works at the guest house.

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