Kawagoe: as Wholesome as Tsuki ga Kirei

Kawagoe Day 5

We had a wonder around the main Kurazukuri area with all the shops again. We stopped off at the Starbucks, which had an amazing building which combined both traditional and modern architecture.


I felt like such a basic white girl taking a picture of my starbucks infront of the building. It was a macha frappe by the way. It was really good.


We had another look at candy alley.


While we were there we got us some sweet potato ice cream, which was also really good.


On the way back to the guest house I snapped this cute candid shot of Alessio and Taiki. Hapi boyes ;]


Later in the day I took Alessio back to the Kumano shrine, and I spotted this Tsuki ga Kirei poster or map of some sort, that wasn’t out the previous times I was there. It looked like It had been put out a few too many times though. It’s been 3 years after all.


And finally I’ve caught up writing the post to the current point in time. Next me and Alessio will head to Hikari shrine after sunset to take those night shots I was talking about earlier, then we’ll head into town for dinner.

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