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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 2)

Selva/Liquor Store


So before heading up to lake Shibire, I needed to stock up on some food camping that night. So I took the opportunity to go to Selva. The boss of the ryokan needed to do some shopping so she gave me a lift. While we where there we bumped into her son and daughter, who offered to give me a ride up to lake Shibire. I gladly accepted. But before we left I had some pictures to take 🙂

Here are some shots of the liquor store. I read somewhere that it closed a while ago, and it definitely looked like it had. This is the store that Chiaki gets a job so she can afford her camping gear.


I actually didn’t notice that Yuru Camp sun shield in the picture above until writing this now. They must be here for the same reason as me. Apart from the buying food part.

And last a shot of Selva, which you can also see in the picture above, It’s named Zebra in the anime to avoid licensing issues I presume. This is where Aoi gets her job to fund her camping expenses.


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