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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 2)

Yamanashi Station


The next day I set out to Yamanashi Station, where the members of the outdoors club go on their trip to Eastwood camping grounds in episode 4. On the way they stopped off at Fuefukigawa Fruit Park and Hottarakashi Onsen. And just like them, I was going to do it all on foot. Fortunately I left my big heavy bag at the hostel so I didn’t need to lug it around with me.

I got to Yamanashi station, and it looked like it had been redone, and was almost complete. They basically chopped the old station building and left the front bits sticking out in some places.


It looked completely different from in Yuru Camp.


You can see the buildings in the background just about match, and the end of the old station building is just sticking out behind the new one in the picture above.

Then I headed right down a road and over a big bridge. It was a bit curved irl compared to in the screenshot.


I followed the road for a bit then turned right to begin my ascent up the hill. This road was decorated with fruits on the street lamps and had some fruit pictures in the paving.


Nadeshiko is cheekily covering mount fuji with her hand.


Then I reached a rather bodged-together lookout point.


And just up the road from there was the fruit park.


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