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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 2)

Fuefukigawa Fruit Park

This is where the girls stop off for a break and a fruity bite to eat at the café, on the way to Eastwood Camping Grounds in episode 4.

I entered the fruit park and found the first shot of the view point.


I took a selfie too.


There were lots of flowers blooming around the park.


After that the girls go into the dome and get some fruit ice cream. It was closed because of the virus though 😦


This is as close as I got.


Walking up through the park takes you to an onsen and fancy hotel. This isn’t the one they go to in the show though. It almost caught me off guard. This is where Nadeshiko takes her picture that she sends to Rin.


Then I headed up the road towards the actual onsen. On the way I passed by a Kart track that were doing rental runs. I used to do karting competitively when I was in Jersey, so I had to have a go.


It would have been rude to not have done a second run with the 500 yen discount. I got some pretty decent times.


After me another group came in a fancy Subaru WRX. But none of them beat my time 🙂


Then the staff started doing some laps and they were quicker than me.


I left them to it and headed further up the hill.


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