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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 2)

Lake Shibire

After that the two siblings took me up to lake Shibire by car. And I’m glad they did because it was a lot further up than I thought, like lake Motosu. I called on the way up to ask if it was open. Unfortunately it wasn’t, but they said I was free to wonder around the site and take photos or whatever, just not camp. I was chatting with Damien the other day about wild camping, so I decided this would be a good chance to give it a shot. Then after that I’d hike back down to the nearest station on the Minobu line and head into Kofu.

Lake Shibire is the campsite Shimarin and Nadeshiko go to on Chiaki’s recommendation. The one that’s supposedly haunted by that big bull monster.

When we got to the campsite there were more people around than I thought. There was a foreign couple with metal detectors, and two other couples having a wonder about. Nice. I said goodbye to the two siblings and started with the photos.

First, the entrance.


Following the road to the right brings you to the car park of the main building.


Next to the main building on the lakefront is a nice deck area with tables to sit.


This is the spot where Nadeshiko’s sister has a cup of tea.


It definitely looks a lot more vibrant with those autumn colours.

Next I followed the path around the right of the lake towards the camping area.


And now for some around the camping area. Nadeshiko had the right idea and took a lot of photos herself.


Nice to see the blossoms blooming on the otherwise dead looking tree in the screen cap from the anime.

Some shots back across the lake at the main building.


It’s that dead-looking tree with the blossoms again.


The washing area.


A path leading to another camping area.


Here’s a shot looking at where the girls set up their tents.


Judging by the number 2 sign on the tree above them I guess it’s around here maybe?


One more picture looking towards the other path that leads back to the main building.


And a shot of the stone Nadeshiko prays to the Bull monster.


And with that, I was done at lake Shibire. Next I had to start my trek down the mountain and find a place to stay at the same time.

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