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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 2)

Sleeping on the Side of a Mountain

I headed up a hiking trail to start the journey to Kajikazawaguchi Station. But I would have to find somewhere to pitch up to spend the night first.

Almost at the top of the mountain I came across this shrine that definitely hadn’t been used for a while. I didn’t dare go inside because the whole thing looked like it was about to collapse.


There was also a gate down a little staircase that had collapsed. Maybe this is earthquake damage?


After making it to the top of the mountain, I needed to branch down a hiking path to the left. But this hiking path was nowhere to be seen.


I thought fuck it and started the hike down. Every so often I picked up evidence of a trail, and I had my hiking app on my phone with GPS to help me out. After a while I came across a perfect spot to pitch my tent.


It was raining lightly, but by the time I went to bed at around 9ish it was raining fairly hard. Looking at the forecast the rain was going to continue all night and for all of tomorrow too. But there was a little window of “light rain” between 7am and 9am.


I awoke the next morning pretty cold at 6am. It reached about 3 degrees that night. Onion soup for breakfast sorted that out in no time.

The trail down the mountain continued to be virtually non-existent. At times I had to slide down on my arse because the mud and wet leaves gave me little to no grip.


Almost at the bottom though I came across an obvious trail, but it was a small trench filled with about a foot of dead leaves and at times even had bamboo growing from it. But eventually I reached a road.

But a bit further down the road, I reached a bridge with a gate at the end. I couldn’t tell if I was on the private land, or if I was about to head into private land. But I knew I had to get around this gate somehow. It was that or wade through a fast flowing river.


I threw my bag around the right, and spider man crawled along the fence to the other side of the gate.

I came across a vending machine conveniently under a little shelter when I reached the main road and stopped for a quick rest. Whoever came up with the idea of hot drink vending machines is pure genius.


From here it was another hour or so to the station.

It was pretty foggy too. Here are some shots of the final stretch.


Oh yeah and I also came across the longest, fattest worm I’ve ever seen in my life. Here’s a picture with my size 11 shoe for reference. Probably just under 30cm long. Or a foot in imperial.


I made it to the station, and only waited around 10 minutes for my train. Perfect timing.


I rode the Minobu line into Kofu and went to stay at a guest house I stayed in last time I was there. The one without the people snoring. I think I must have arrived at around 10am. I had a nice long snooze until early afternoon and wasted the rest of the day lying in bed watching rubbish on YouTube. And 12 episodes of Hanasaku Iroha. The last time I watched that one was about 3 years ago. I forgot how great it was. For those that don’t know, it’s an anime about a girl being abandoned by her parents from the city to go live (and work) with her grandma at a ryokan in the countryside. The 3 weeks I did at the ryokan in Minobu definitely made it more relatable. I recommend a watch.

Hanasaku Iroha

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