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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 1)

Minobu Station


I said my goodbyes at the ryokan I’ve been staying/working at, and set off to the bus station in Minobusan. This is a religious/tourism village just below the Kuonji Temple, which many people go on pilgrimages to from all over Japan. I’m doing a different sort of pilgrimage though 🙂

Again, I was the only one on the bus. I got off at the Lawson a few stops before Minobu station to stock up on food and some other stuff I’d need for camping. Yeah, I have all my camping gear on my back. It’s heavy, but manageable. After that I walked towards the station.


After crossing this bridge and turning right, I reached the first shot, where Nadeshiko, Chiaki and Aoi walk past on their way to the outdoor sports shop, which annoyingly doesn’t exist.


Just a bit further up the road is the bench where the girls eat minobu manju after they buy their cheapo 600 yen reflective mats at the outdoor shop. Unfortunately the manju shop was closed that day though so I couldn’t eat any 😦

The closed minobu manju shop

And then a few houses down are a few more shots of before they go to the outdoor shop.


And finally, I reach the station.


Right next to the station was a souvenir shop with Yuru Camp posters and banners all over the windows, and pretty much all the vending machines around the station had Yuru Camp wrapping


Anyway, I went into the station, bought my ticket, and waited for my train to Kai-Tokiwa – The village where the Yuru Camp school is.


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