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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 1)

Lake Motosu/Koan Camping Ground

Lake Motosu is probably one of the most memorable camping grounds of Yuru Camp, probably because it’s the first one in the first episode. It’s where Shimarin and Nadeshiko meet for the first time, and this meeting sparks Nadeshikos love for camping.

Eventually the bus reached the tunnel just before the lake, where we see Shimarin cycling in the anime. Talking of which, how she cycled all the way up here with all that heavy camping gear is beyond me.


I got off the bus and made my way straight to the camping ground. I wanted to check in, set up my tent and ditch my heavy bag before wandering around and taking pictures. I did take a few pictures along the way though.


There was this little hut that had lots of Yuru Camp related information inside.


I checked in and headed down to the camping area. Of course, I wanted to set up in the same spot that Shimarin did. But it turned out that her spot was right in the middle of the area designated for cars to drive. Darn. Oh and the entire waterfront was packed too. No chance I was gonna set up there. Now I see why she prefers winter camping.


I walked back where I came and found a nice spot in the woodland area, set up my tent, ditched my stuff, and set out to do all the Yuru Camp shots.

First I went back to the car park by the tunnel to take this shot of fuji.


Then I walked back along the road towards the campsite past the public toilets, where Nadeshiko takes her nap.


Then the campsites main building.


To the left of the counter where you check in, in the windowed area, is an area with lots of Yuru Camp merch for sale. They also had a playlist of some chill jazz/lounge music, with some Yuru Camp OST mixed in for good measure. I had to resist on buying anything. Any added weight would make my hike the next day more tiring.

I headed past the campsite building and towards the slipway down to the lake.


Just before you reach the lakeside there’s this washing area.


The road to the lakeside.


The first cone on the right is where Shimarin sets up her tent.


This is where I set up my tent 🙂


After that I went back up to the campsite building where there was this sitting area. I tried making some music but couldn’t come up with anything.


After about an hour I headed back down to my tent for dinner. I almost missed this beautiful shot of Fuji as the sun was setting.


I tried making a fire with the firewood I bought from the campsite building. I hadn’t made a fire like this in years, since I was in the cub scouts. 15 minutes of attempts, with lots of tissue paper, I eventually got it going.


The moon also rose big and red. Red Fuji and a red moon in one evening. Lucky me.


Keeping with the Yuru Camp spirit, I had a curry cup noodle for dinner, using the boiling water heated over the gas burner. The cheese ones are better than the regular ones. Trust me.


I also had a huge pot of instant corn soup. Feeling completely stuffed, I headed to bed early at around 8pm.


I woke up bright and early the next day at around 7am. I slept sort of well, waking up a couple times during the night to put on some more layers. I slept with my hat, gloves and down jacket on as well as my normal clothes.

Opening my tent greeted me with this lovely view.


A closer shot of fuji.


After packing all my things I headed back up to the main building for one last shot, this time a selfie. I don’t take many of these so enjoy them when you can.


Then I started along the lake on my hike to Fumotoppara.


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