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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 1)

Fumotoppara to YMCA

It was about 10 minutes rom Fumotoppara was the main road.


And just down the main road was the bus stop I was looking for, opposite Asagiri Sky, some skydiving place I think. I was hungry, and I needed lunch. And I wasn’t about to pull out my gas burner and boil some water on the side of the road.


Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a familiar white, blue and green flag, flailing in the wind.

*insert hopeful choir sound effect*


There was literally a family mart in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t believe my luck. I went inside and bought myself a chicken cutlet sandwich, a churro, a bottle of royal milk tea and a coolish ice cream. I sat down at my bus stop and enjoyed my food.


But it was short lived. I noticed after a few minutes that where I was sitting was crawling with ants. In fact, pretty much the entire 20 meter length of the bus stop was in fact, crawling with ants. I ended up having to move all my stuff and sit an awkward distance away from the bus stop I was supposed to be waiting at. Eventually my bus came and I rode for about 15 minutes to the stop nearest to YMCA Eco Village.

The bus stop I got off at was actually right outside Makaino farm, where Chiaki and Aoi go after checking in to eat ice cream. I took a picture of it later.

The walk to YMCA was actually quite a trek though, about a mile and a half uphill.


I reached the main building eventually and headed inside.

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