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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 1)

Tokiwa Village

Unlike last year, I didn’t miss my station. I went to the front of the train and showed my ticket to the driver before getting off (it’s an unmanned station so the driver sorts out tickets and payment). In the anime we see Nadeshiko waiting for her train here.


Just outside the station on the toilet wall (what a lovely place) was this Yuru Camp sign up. They’re dotted around the village and are nice to see when wandering around. I was told by a news crew (keep reading to find out) that the locals put them up. So I guess the locals like Yuru Camp too.


I walked a few meters then took this shot of a tree covered in blossoms. The seasons’s almost over so they’re going to start disappearing soon.


Crossing the bridge and looking back towards the station is this shot where Nadeshiko spots a google maps car.


And another one of those signs right next to that spot.


Then I walked through the town towards the school, taking more shots along the way. In the case below the vending machines weren’t there, but were just around the corner outside a chemist. The buildings are different too. Maybe they’ve changed over the years.


Looking at the signs I realised I missed a few screenshots, so I did those too.

By the way, I’m aware loads of the pictures are too dim. I stupidly enabled the manual exposure adjustment and have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll put it on auto from now on.


I reached the turnoff point and turned right up the hill towards the school.


Just under the school is this gravel carpark with some very nice looking yuru camp-wrapped vending machines. I had a little break and stopped here for a drink.


To the left of the vending machines was a temple-looking place, the one on the sign.


If you have sharp eyes you’d have noticed a strangely familiar moped in the picture above


I snapped a few more pictures around the temple.


Here’s one looking up towards the school.


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