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Yuru Camp Backpacking (Part 1)

Fumotoppara Camping Grounds

Fumotoppara is the second campsite Shimarin and (uninvited) Nadeshiko camp at in the anime. I was looking forward to camping here, as I was wondering how different the wide open field would be from the woodland area of Koan.

When I first saw the campsite, I was happy to see it was pretty empty. A little too empty.


Confirming my suspicions, as I approached the office building someone came out to greet me. Or rather, to tell me to go away. He told me that it was closed, and no one could enter. No camping too. I asked if it was okay for me to take photos, but he still said no. I said why, and he mentioned something about corona. After pleading for about 10 minutes, he went inside to speak with his boss. When he came out again, he said it was okay for me to take my pictures, but after that I would have to go. He also told me to not tell anyone about it. This post isn’t going to go live for a while anyway.

Since I was planning on visiting YMCA Camping grounds anyway, I thought I could always camp there instead.

Just next to the office building are those two statues of the tiger and the boar (I think?). We see these and the other following shots when rin takes her little walk around the campsite.


Just down the path is the pond with the little bridge.


And there’s another shot where we see Nadeshiko to the right of the pond just after she arrives. In the distance you can see rins tent 🙂


Next I headed over to the big blue building. No idea what it’s for.


Just round the back of the building is the sitting/washing area.


And a bit further away looking back on the sitting area.


Turning away from the building and heading right I found this tree. It wasn’t hard to spot this one.


And right next to here is where Rin set up her tent. But because I was in a bit of a rush I forgot to take a picture of it. Silly me.

Heading up the other side of the sitting area I spotted this wall painting that rather worryingly says “STOMACH ACHE” in big letters. Hmm.


Anyway, after that I headed back to the office building to take one last shot.


And with that, I headed out of the campsite to the main road, where I was hoping I could take a bus down the valley to YMCA Eco Village.

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